Portraits of Me—Week 7


Theme:  My Love

My interpretation of this week’s theme is inspired by comedian Bill Maher, whose recent closing monologue on his show Real Time With Bill Maher (February 11, 2017)  implored Americans to “fall in love with knowledge again.”  Maher said that when he went off to college, he fell in love with “books and ideas and knowledge,” lamenting that now we seem not to want to be surrounded by smart people anymore. He spoke of a time when people got their news from newspapers rather than Facebook.

As a lifelong reader and writer, someone who used to pedal my bike through the neighborhood delivering newspapers, someone whose childhood dreams almost led me down a path toward journalism, I say: here is to reading. To print news and a free press. To facts. And good coffee that makes today’s headlines just a bit easier to swallow.


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