Portraits of Me—Week 1

In 2016, I wasn’t very good about blogging. I started a Project 52 (Dogwood Challenge) with good intentions but only made it up to week 14. And I still haven’t gotten around to sharing the photos from my most recent trip to the Christmas markets in Germany. We’re talking 2015…yikes!

(In my defense, I did take a class on filmmaking last spring and have been busy dabbling and having fun with that ever since.)

Still, I’m going to try again this year to stretch my still photography skills and creativity, this time through the #PortraitsofMe weekly self-portrait challenge started by Click It Up a Notch’s Courtney Slazinik and Megan Cieloha (Instagram: @clickitupanotch and @megancieloha).

I’m really not crazy about being on the other side of the camera, and I find it technically quite challenging, too. But I tend to be the one missing from family photos and videos, and I think I should make an effort to change that.

So, here it is:  Week One. Assigned theme:  goal  (get in the picture!)portraitofmew1-9915


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