2 & 3/100 Strangers

While waiting for my aunt to complete her last chemo infusion last week, I looked up from my reading to observe a pair of clowns making their way through the lobby, spreading smiles, sharing stickers, and taking selfies with patients and caregivers.

I watched quietly, remembering how much my mother appreciated the silly jokes and magic tricks that her oncologist liked to perform. I watched how they did more than generate laughs; they sat down with patients and listened, took an interest in each individual.

When “Dr. Hugga Bubbe” approached me,  I learned that she and Tim are volunteers with Bumper “T” Caring Clowns, an organization that provides therapeutic clowning for hospitalized patients mostly locally here in Pennsylvania and New Jersey but also in Maryland, South Carolina, California, and Washington.



Dr. Hugga Bubbe and Tim

It’s a non-profit that has been in operation for 15 years, and I guess the fact that I’d never heard of them before now says something about how lucky I’ve been. They certainly deserve more recognition for the meaningful work that they do.

Heartfelt thanks to the Bumper “T” Clowns for the support and inspiration!

“The world seems dark and ugly sometimes. But there are still good things in it. And good people.” – Jim Butcher


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