Weeks 8-14/52

A bit behind in this project. Here is my attempt to catch up (mostly):


Week 8/52: (Landscape) Panorama. Courtesy of my iPhone.


Week 9/52: (Artistic) Shadows. Bought this set of matryoshka dolls in Prague last spring following a visit to the Museum of Communism.


Week 10/52: (Portrait) Environmental. Dad working in his garden. The man never stops.

Week 11/52: (Landscape)  Reflection.  Welp, no. Just empty space. I didn’t like the outcome of my attempts for this week’s assignment, so we’ll just keep moving right along, shall we?


Week 12/52: (Artistic) Transportation. Not really going anywhere here, which is fitting because Munchkin’s not that into riding her bike. Wonder if this spring/summer, we’ll be able to take off those training wheels.

Week 13/52: (Portrait) High Key. Haven’t had a chance to attempt this one yet. Need to do a little more learning. So, another skip.



Week 14/52: (Landscape) Zoomed in. Gotta love that early morning light.

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