16/52: Sunlight Fall Down Over Me


I think maybe I’ve  fallen into a bit of a creative slump with this project right now. First couple of attempts with the Week 16 lyrics were a bust. And the thing is: why?

The assigned lyrics were from The BoDeans again, this time from “Good Things”:  “Sunlight fall down on the fields, sunlight fall down over me.”  

Shoulda been simple, right?  Right. But I dunno, somehow things weren’t coming together for me.

A friend helped me realize that I need to take my time and be selective. I want to have fun with this project, but I also want to continue to learn and grow.

And I think the best way to do that is if, from now on, I grant myself a little bit of leeway.  I’ve decided that:

1.  It’s OK to focus on any part of the assigned excerpt, even if it’s just a single word.

2.  If I’m really not feelin’ the song, then hey, I’m going to choose my own.

3. If that still doesn’t lead to something decent, it’s OK to post late. Or not at all.












One thought on “16/52: Sunlight Fall Down Over Me

  1. That reminded me of what Keb Mo’ said about his new album, which he just released after a three year hiatus, “I only make albums when I’m inspired to, and these 10 songs come from a very honest place.” I respect that in an artist.(period)Much love!

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