13/52: Make This Place Your Home


This week’s assigned lyrics:  “Just know you’re not alone ’cause I’m gonna make this place your home.”

From Phillip Phillips’ “Home”

My recent (first-time) visit to Iceland was a case of insta-love.  From up here in the Hallgrimmskirkja tower, looking down on colorful Reykjavik, it’s a swoon-worthy view. And that’s not just because of the nearly-gale force winds in effect that day.

Everything about Iceland is this way, whether you are in the cultured capital city or  beyond its limits exploring the country’s unique and stunning natural landscape.  There is so much for the eye to feast on.  There is so much intellectual and creative inspiration here. It’s easy to understand why Ian, a retired professor from Scotland who’s now a part-time tour bus driver, chose to make this his new home.  I get it, Ian. I get it.

By the way, more Iceland pics and commentary to follow soon.


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