7/52: All You Need Is Love


This week’s assigned lyric: “All you need is love.”

The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love”

If you know me at all or have been with this blog awhile, you know there’s one little Munchkin who has my heart.  For this week’s assignment, I decided to put the focus on all the little handmade gifts of love she is happy to create.

“Tata, Tata! I made you something!” she’ll tell me, practically bouncing. It might be a simple drawing on a napkin, showing the two of us hand in hand. Or a foam heart decked out in stickers and jewels, like the one she gave me for Valentine’s Day this year.  Or it could be a toilet paper roll covered in shells.

Give her a bottle of glue, some crayons or markers, and pretty much any kind of scrap, and she will turn it into a little work of heart.

That’s our little love. ♥


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