Creative Challenge | Creating Drama Through Light


My niece is a thrasher when she sleeps.  I’ll sometimes nap with her, and this means I’ve been kicked in the gut and socked in the nose more times than I can count.  Once, I woke up with her sleeping ON my head.  So, the other night, when we got in past her bedtime, and she was out cold like this, sleeping so still and so peacefully, I had to preserve the moment. Shhh!

This post is part of a monthly blog circle, so please be invited to go check out how the super-talented Michelle interpreted this month’s challenge.  Thanks for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “Creative Challenge | Creating Drama Through Light

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  2. @ BudgieMitch holymoly.I will compare the cost of living in each of the three states, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, to see if that would turn into state money or if it would be mine! Thanks Fiebs! # alwaysusinurnoggin

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