Creative Challenge | Spooky

My Blog Circle-mates and I are a teensy bit late in posting this month’s challenge, but in October we were assigned to photograph spooky. Early in the month, I returned to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly, which—as I’ve shared in other posts—is surely one of the coolest but also creepiest places around.  In its state of semi-ruin, the prison complex has plenty of atmosphere—and some would say, ghosts.


I didn’t find any when I peeked into this cell, but when I gaze at the rear wall long enough, it almost seems like a few faces emerge.


How silly of me, right?  But I dare you to walk down empty, decaying cellblocks like this one without an eerie feeling settling over you.


Even the guard towers appear ominous.


As I made my way to the exit late that afternoon, a stream of ghouls, zombies, and monsters began arriving—actors reporting for that night’s Terror Behind the Walls haunted attraction.  I picked up my pace.  Not a place I want to be after dark.

This month I’m linking to Michelle’s blog.  Can’t wait to see what she’s scared up.  (Yes, I went for it.  Hey, I’m an English teacher—I have license to use bad puns.)


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