Creative Challenge | Motion Blur


Motion blur is not something I have practiced often, and if I had not been such a procrastinator about this month’s challenge, perhaps I would have more than one image to share.  But this lone photo does pretty well sum up the summer—gone in a blur.  (Don’t they all go that way anymore?)

This post is part of a Blog Circle, where a group of photographers tackle a shared theme each month.  I’m linking to Sandy this month and invite you to check out how she handled the challenge.  You’ll have made it all the way around the circle when you end up back here again.  Thanks for looking!


9 thoughts on “Creative Challenge | Motion Blur

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  2. I am still laughing… at my self…. when I first viewed it on my cell, I thought ok, she got the blur of the island in the background. Then I viewed it on my home screen… bam!!! Now I get it 🙂
    Sorry… in a haze also, as summer went too fast and school is tomorrow !!!!

  3. Nice Cathy! I have been wanting to experiment more with motion blur myself. This is a great concept and image. I admire the challenges you give yourself. What a great way to hone your skills, explore your creativity and come away with fantastic images.

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