Creative Challenge | iPhone

For this month’s creative challenge, we used only images that were made on our iPhones.  I didn’t strive for anything special here—just used my phone’s camera as I normally would (that is, when I don’t have my camera handy or it just isn’t important to take a serious shot) and figured I’d see what I came up with at the end of the month.

In late June, I visited family in northern Germany, where wet, gloomy weather put a damper on my photography plans.  Luckily, we found some sun in Prague for a few days, and from atop the Old Bridge Tower, the view was magnificent.  I’m always afraid I’m going to drop the phone when I’m standing on bridges or towers like this.


Indeed Prague was beautiful.  Prague was also painful.   I call them “hobblestones” now.  This is more than just a “looking down” shot.  This is the face of my enemy.


On a train, I played with some reflections as they blurred with graffiti.   Then I went back to playing Bookworm.


I know, I know, coffee pics are overdone.  But I couldn’t resist snapping this in the Munich airport—it’s practically a vat.   And with no handle, it was at least 10 minutes before I could even take first sips.   ????


Back on home turf, I’ve enjoyed spending time with my favorite mermaid-obsessed munchkin.  We’re too busy playing to slow down for photos, so the phone lets me get some quick snaps.  I want to remember how she loved the water.


And of course, that meant Tante had to get a mermaid tattoo, too.


This post is part of a monthly blog circle challenge, where a group of about a dozen photographers tackle an assigned theme.  I invite you to move through the entire circle by visiting Lindsey’s blog next.   Thanks for visiting!


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