Creative Challenge | Shooting Through Glass

I had fun with this month’s challenge.  Well, mostly.  Tried some ideas that didn’t work so well, including one in which I (mis)handled a plate of glass and gave myself a nice little gash.   Oh yeah, if there is anyone who could hurt herself doing macro photography, it would be me.

These images were made using water, cooking oil, a casserole dish, glass bowl, a colorful scarf, and post-processing in HDR Efex and Color Efex.  Fortunately, no more blood was shed.




This post is part of a blog circle, in which a dozen or so photographers accept a thematic challenge every month and share where it takes each of us.  I’m linking up to Zelena Rose this month.  Please go check out her perspective here.  You’ll know you’ve traveled all the way through the circle when you end up back here.  Thanks for visiting!


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