Chinese New Year, Philadelphia


Having never experienced a Chinese New Year parade before, I had no idea what a blast it would be.  Literally.

As the lions meander through the streets of Chinatown visiting the shops, they light fireworks to ward off evil and bring good luck to the businesses.


It’s loud.  It’s smoky.  And it’s crazy fun.  As I watched this gentleman wrap a strand of firecrackers around his head, it made me think of that episode of An Idiot Abroad where Karl goes to Mexico and runs in holy terror from the Easter Sunday fireworks in the streets.


But there was no running for us.  Caught in a thick throng of spectators as “The Mother Lode” went off, there was nothing to do but duck for cover as we were pelted with firecracker remnants.


The streets and spectators get covered with debris—red paper bits from the fireworks—as seen in this lion’s fur.


As the crowds followed the lions along their route, I caught this little cutie dancing in the street.

Great job, Philadelphia Suns!  Gong Hey Fat Choi!


9 thoughts on “Chinese New Year, Philadelphia

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  2. Loud is an understatement… was there 2yrs ago and my ears are still ringing. I was wondering why people around me had ear plugs in….duhhh 🙂
    Beautiful coverage!!!

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