294/366: Dingmans Falls, PA

It was such a lovely day up in Dingmans Falls, PA, part of the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area.  Gorgeous foliage.  Fresh mountain air.  Magnificent falls.

A smaller waterfall on the way up to Dingmans

At the base of Dingmans Falls – you can climb 240 steps to the top of the falls. For a moment, I felt like I was back in Bavaria.

View from the top

Children’s graffiti on the overlook

Another look at Silver Thread Falls

Somehow, on trails, stairs, and slate rock slick with wet and leaves, I managed to hold steady carrying my tripod and bag full of equipment.  And then upon returning home, something terrible happened:  I dropped my 60D and cracked its top LCD panel.  It no longer works, 😦  so on Monday, I have to send my baby away.  What will I do??

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