Days 274-279: Also Known As “Please Do Not Look at These Photos”


These photos reflect my absolutely abysmal effort this week to fulfill the project commitments.   Day 274 – On the ride home from the airport, after a long day of travel, all I could muster was an iPhone shot of the bridge through my sister’s sunroof.  Lazy.

Day 275 – I never seem to bounce back easily from jet lag.  Monday I thudded hard.   But as far as this week’s images go, for me, this one is the least of all evils. It’s also the only one taken with my Canon.

Day 276 – Was not feeling well today but was very grateful I didn’t get sick until after our getaway!   Forgive the mindless iPhone snap.

Day 277 – Still felt like crud.

Day 278 – Felt even MORE like crud.  As soon as I got home from work, I buried myself under my federbett and spent another night sweating out a fever.

Day 279 – Too sick to go into work.  Saw the doc, and with a day of rest and meds, started to feel like I’m on the mend.  Ventured outside in the late afternoon for a few minutes of fresh air, where I caught some pretty purple blooms against some rust.

There are 86 more days to this project, and dear readers, for your sake, I sure hope I will not have another week as lackluster as this one!

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