271/366: Süße Beeren (Sweet Berries)

I am what you would call a travel nut.  I love seeing new places and trying new things and have been fortunate to see a good bit of the world so far, but I always thirst for more.  Since family health matters kept me from straying very far this year, I looked forward to Munich for multiple reasons:

1) It’s been a goal on my life list to experience the real deal Oktoberfest.

2) It was a welcome escape from the past few months of stress and worry.

3) I looked forward to having some fresh territory to have fun with my photo project.

The thing is, when you’re traveling in a group on a four-day, blink-and-you-miss-it adventure, your photographic opportunities can be limited.  You want to enjoy others’ company, naturally, but part of you wants to linger and explore things that might not look so interesting to others.  “Go ahead, I’ll catch up to you.”

Not wanting to hold up the others, I found myself sometimes rushing, especially true on Day 271, and ended up being disappointed with quite a few images I just don’t love.

So, one thing I’ve realized during this daily photo journey is that when it comes to photography, often I enjoy—perhaps even prefer—to be alone, to have time to look and see and set up and try again from a different perspective.  But sometimes that isn’t possible.  Sometimes, to taste the sweetest fruit, it’s more important to let go and just enjoy the moment.


4 thoughts on “271/366: Süße Beeren (Sweet Berries)

  1. Note to self: take self-guided tours only while traveling. Yeah, I wouldn’t do well in those groups. I love to linger and search out the little details that only I would want to get a picture of. Hope your trip was all you hoped.

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