269/366: Open Door

Ugh.  I cringe having to post this, but unfortunately, it is the only image I shot on Day 269.  I went right from work to home to the airport, so once again, we’re talkin’ a “quick snap” kind of day.  When I saw Munchkin’s dollhouse like this with the front door cracked open, it reminded me of a standardized test-based writing prompt we used to assign our students.  You have just come home from school and find that the door to your house is ajar.  Tell the story of what happens…  If done more carefully, with different lighting and placement, this idea could make for an intriguing picture prompt to fuel the creative writing process.

I promise my images for days 270-274 will be much more interesting.  I plan to work on those tonight.  That is, if jet lag doesn’t clobber me first.


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