123/366: Smashed Words

Canon 60D – 60mm – ISO 800 – f/2.8 – 1/125 – WB:  Fluorescent

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure—

turn now to page 145 if you want the happy ending,

skipping over tragedy on pages 103-110.

Get a taste of something too bitter to swallow,

go back,

fold over, tear out the page if you have to.

This is not how the story ends.


6 thoughts on “123/366: Smashed Words

  1. Thanks Fiebs. I know this isn’t supposed to be how the story ends, but even when you choose your own adventure there’s a wrinkle. Especially when you’re not looking, wrapped up in the day-to-day, just looking far enough ahead that you can’t see that extra freckle on the back of your hand, that has been there since March 22 when dad was too tired to come down to look at Noah and Ellie in the bicycle trailer. Okay I’ll turn to page 145 now! Sorry for venting on your page. I appreciate your work. It’s been helping me all along! Love ya dude!

  2. Wow! I feel you Paulie. Cathy you can add grief counselor/healer to your many titles. Your work is very therapeutic. Thanks for all you do and just being you!

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