109/366: Ups and Downs

Snapped this on the way out of the hospital tonight after visiting my uncle.   It’s the only image I have for today, a half-hearted attempt done without really thinking…and yet I have to say:  it fits.

See, when I first arrived, I didn’t know how to reach the hospital from the parking garage, and I accidentally went down a flight of stairs before realizing I had to go up two more to access the hospital.

And that’s sort of how things have been going with him. Just when he seemed to be under good care, getting better, then—wham! —things would go south again.

And actually, up-and-down describes rather perfectly how I’ve been feeling, too.  I suppose it’s how anyone with a seriously ill loved one feels.  One minute there’s some small thing that gives hope and lifts the spirits, and the next, you’re sinking deep into worst-case scenario territory.

But tonight ended on an “up” note.  Although he is sedated on life support, Uncle P responded to our voices by moving his feet and trying to pick up his head.  And my aunt, still in a coma following brain surgery, tried (on her own) to wake herself up.  That tells me they’ve still got the fight in them, and isn’t that a big part of the battle?

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