108/366: Everything’s Not So Ducky

Alright, so when I hit post yesterday, I was thinking the photo of the day pretty much broke the suck-O-meter.  But then so did my day.

It was the first day in 107 days when I really, really did not want to even look at my camera.  I forced myself to shoot something, but my heart and my concentration wasn’t in it at all.

That’s because yesterday afternoon I received some terrible news about my very dear aunt in Germany.  She’d been unknowingly suffering bleeding on the brain for the past two weeks and collapsed Monday evening while—luckily—talking to my cousin on the phone.  I say luckily because had he not been on the phone to hear her fall, she would not have made it.  Though she was conscious when paramedics first arrived, she slipped into a coma before being airlifted to a hospital in Essen to undergo emergency surgery for a ruptured aneurysm.

This on the heels of several months of serious health issues for one of my U.S.-based uncles, who is still hospitalized.

Heartsick with worry for the both of them, I have been unable to sleep.

If I could go back and create an image to fit yesterday it might be a close-up of a woman’s cheek, streaked with mascara from crying.  It might be an image of someone brought down to his knees in prayer.  It might be a telephone—ominously silent, incredibly powerful, threatening to ring and break you apart into pieces.  Or the image that flashed in my mind’s eye:  a memory of my aunt, lying on a lounge chair on the black sand beaches of Santorini, her eyes closed as she naps peacefully, doing one of the things she loves best:  soaking up the sun.  Oh, how I wish we were still there.

Everything’s not so ducky right now.  Everything else feels a lot more important than this.


6 thoughts on “108/366: Everything’s Not So Ducky

    • It’s amazing to me how someone going through his own hell can still give to others. Thank you for your prayers and for such a wonderful compliment. Prayers remain with you as well.

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