Awesome Blog Content Award

Many thanks to my talented friend over at Photo Talk Daily, a fellow NJ-based photographer, for nominating me for an Awesome Blog Content award.  I’m very, very appreciative!

With ABC recognition, I’m asked to share 10 blogs I admire.   I’m a few shy of that number, but here are six I enjoy which I haven’t previously recommended someplace else:

The right mood – Laura is a photographer and writer who pairs a daily haiku with an image, which is a lovely concept.  I love poetry and have always been taken with the haiku form, so for me, this is a perfect melding:  simple, clean, beautiful.

bjornsphoto – His photography just blows me away.  And reminds me I need to add Sweden to my life list (see below).

Anywhere but london – With so much Olympics-driven attention directed to London this year, this blog is meant to put 150 other wonderful English attractions on your radar.  Each is described in exactly 32 words (20 + 12) and is accompanied by a stunning image.

Photography by Anika Alonzo – Lifestyle photographer in California.  She is so gifted at capturing life and love and play as it is naturally unfolding.  Love her perspective and style.

Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine Specializing in HDR.  Beautiful, beautiful work.  This site has been known to instantly lower high blood pressure.  It probably brings expedia some business too. 🙂

Have Bag, Will Travel   Man, is Andrew Petcher livin’ my dream.  He’s been everywhere I’ve ever been and many of the places I’d like to go.  It’s a well-written blog with pleasing images that make me feel like I’m transported to faraway locales. Good stuff!

I’m also supposed to share 26 things about myself (A to Z) and have decided to post items from my life list:

Australia; Aruba

Be published (writing)

Copenhagen; concentration camp; Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil

DC during the cherry blossom festival

Egypt (Pyramids of Giza)

Fly in a helicopter and biplane; Flight 93 Memorial; Falling Lakes, Croatia

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland; Graceland

Hang glide or paraglide

Iguaza Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Jump in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Learn to whistle loudly using my fingers

Mt. Rushmore; Memphis

Northern Lights; Niagara Falls

Orient Express

Prague; Panama Canal; Parthenon

Quench my thirst at Oktoberfest in Munich

Ride: in an airboat in the Everglades, a camel or elephant, the Wienermobile; see the giant redwoods

Ski the Alps; Scotland; Salem, MA; Savannah, GA; Seattle, WA; Sweden

Taj Mahal; Toronto

Utah national parks

Venice; Vienna; Vietnam

Walk some of the Great Wall of China

X-country road trip in an RV

Yellowstone & Yosemite



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