Liebster Award

Tone, creator of the heretofore-mentioned Dubious Photo blog, has kindly recognized me for a Liebster Blog Award.  (If you missed my previous post where I talked about how awesome his work is, then please do go check it out and see for yourself.)  How very nice to get a Liebster, which is a little shout-out to “talented bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.”

Here are my picks:

 50 Words for 50 Countries – In 20 years of working in international aid, Julie Mundy has had incredible opportunities to travel the world.  In this blog, she offers her perspective in the form of a poem or descriptive piece (about 50 words long) for each of 50 countries she has visited.  Such a terrific concept!   Read “England (London 7/7/05)”, a poem presenting a harrowing glimpse of the London suicide bombings.

20 Lines a Day – A gathering of writers, poets, and photographers undertaking the challenge of writing 20 lines, or fewer, per day (or making a photo a day)—“genius or not.”   As a fan of creative collaboration and manageable writing challenges, I LOVE the idea of a community of artists coming together like this.   Looking forward to following the work of all the contributors.

Miguel Solorzano Photography  – If you love New Orleans as I do, or even if you’ve never been, you’ll want to check out Miguel’s blog in which he captures the beauty, character, and energy of this one-of-a-kind American city.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been there since pre-Katrina, so this is a great way for me to relive favorite places and memories.  [Which do not include the time at the Voodoo Museum when a giant roach dropped down from the ceiling onto me.  Or the night my travel companions barfed up hurricanes all over the place.  But I digress.] By the way, I must say, Miguel, that posting photos of beignets is just plain cruel. 🙂

Photo Talk Daily  – Freelance photographer John Pitts shares his “passion [for] photographing people and scenes that depict strong feelings and moods.”  He’s done some lovely work with fog and springtime scenes of late, and I’m happy to have discovered his work through another talented photographer and blogger SKEdazzles. (She’s got way more than 200 followers, or she’d be on this list too.)

Corrie Weatherford’s Project 365  – An enjoyable photo-a-day blog often featuring nature and furry friends as subject matter.

Best wishes to all the bloggers above, and thanks again, tone, for the nod!


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