The Versatile Blogger Award: Who, me?

What a pleasant surprise to have my blog recognized by Bella Remy Photography with a Versatile Blogger Award.  (Thanks so much, BRP!)

Of course, with a blog that’s three-months-young (can you say “newb alert”?), I had to wonder:  what does this mean?  What IS a “versatile blogger” exactly?

In digging around a bit, I’ve learned that the VBAs are a tool for peer recognition, a meme that lets bloggers support one another’s work.  While not an actual award-award, a VBA is a shout-out from another blogger saying:  “Hey, you’re doing an all-around good job here.”

Pretty sweet.  I’m honored that someone considers my blog worthy of recognition.  And now, as per the VBA rules, I’ll be spreading the love too.

 VBA Rules:
 1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
 2. Share 7 things about yourself.
 3. Pass this award along to 15 recently-discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
 4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Besides Bella Remy Photography’s blog Hoofbeats and Footprints—which combines her love of travel, nature, and photography and frequently triggers an itch in me to break out the passport—these are 11 blogs I keep tabs on (sorry, I didn’t quite have 15):

The first four are my absolute favorite Project 365 bloggers.  Every day I look forward to seeing what they come up with, particularly as their approach to the project is the same as mine:  they attempt to make and post an image daily rather than use previous photos. (The latter of which is a perfectly fine method, of course, but there is certainly a different level of challenge in making a photo daily.)  I find great enjoyment and inspiration in the work of these highly creative, talented artists.

1.  Dubious Photo

2.  Three60five

3.  366 Days of Photos  

4.  Jennifer Dallas – Project 365 

Other photography blogs I enjoy immensely:

5.  Kari’s Photo Blog –  Kari is a Philadelphia RAW artist.  I especially love her street photography, her work featured in the “Message & Medium” PhilaMOCA exhibit earlier this month, and most recently, doodle-ography.

6.  Denise Bush’s Photo Blog   – Denise is a professional designer and photographer who frequently features “nature, things from the past, and architectural elements” in her work.  Check out her 2011 Year in Photos.  Breathtaking!

7.  Mike Pillows Photo  – Mike’s thoughtful prose matches the stunning beauty of his images.  Whenever I pore over a new post, I think:  “Man oh man, I wish I could get that good!”

8.  Bergie’s Place   – Ralph is another photographer whose images I could look at all day long.  His accompanying written reflections make you feel as if you are experiencing the moment right there beside him.

9.  Clouds of Colour – A photographer and artist who undertakes engaging themes and challenges.  I’m really enjoying her current A-Z Photo Project.

10.  Stuart Hyde Daily Photo Blog 2012 –  Outstanding photography and often hilarious commentary.

And finally, a personal blog:

11.  Articulation ad infinitum:  the personal blog of Kendall Goodwin   – Articulate and always interesting, this blog covers a wide range of interests including travel, photography, books, music, and poetry.

I imagine some of the bloggers I’ve selected have already been acknowledged with a VBA, or perhaps for other reasons, they’re not interested in participating in this kind of thing, and that’s OK by me.  In the words of Digital Underground:  doowutchyalike. 🙂

Now for the seven things about me part:

1.  Besides photography, I love travel and try to experience someplace new every year, whether near or far.  So far, 2012 plans include a trip to Gettysburg, PA and some summertime adventures in Europe, where I’m looking forward to hitting a few more places on my life list.  One thing I’ve always wanted to do—ever since reading Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley in college—is take a cross-country road trip in a Winnebago.  Guess I need to learn how to drive one of those things first.  And practice more with pumping my own gas.

2.  Speaking of gas, my favorite smells are all a bit odd:  chimneys, gasoline, freshly-mown grass, pipes…and I’m currently using a chapstick and body cream by the name of “Unicorn Farts.”  (It’s from Long Winter Farms Soap Company and smells lovely, actually.)  More weirdness:  I am simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by the smell of Play-doh.

3.  There is nothing more charming than a foreign accent.  I think the Irish might win.  Best thing I ever heard came from Irishman who said 33⅓ and it came out:  “turdy tree and a turd.”

4.  I am completely addicted to Etsy, but I justify it because it feels good supporting small-time artists and crafters.

5.  I’m generally a “live and let live” kind of person.  Except when it comes to Uggs.  I secretly wish they would disappear.

6.  Since we’re on the topic of peeves, certain spelling errors make me crabby:  “sneak peak” instead of sneak peek (which is why I love the twitterbot @StealthMountain), the inability to differentiate between woman singular and women plural and pronounce each correctly, Cookie Monster talk (“me and him went…”) and than/then.

7.  Guess which subject I teach. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award: Who, me?

  1. Mazel Tov.

    And, keep the faith as to spelling and punctuation and grammar. The language-corrupting barbarians surround us. My lady friend and I are both apostrophe police, and aren’t you relieved I didn’t say “my lady friend and me are …..” (Hope that’s right.)

    Thanks, also, for the plug of my blog. Nice words.

    • Thanks, Ralph. I’m appreciating the phrase “language-corrupting barbarians.” 🙂 Oh, and I see I need not notify you. (Meant to this morning but ran out of time.)

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