Day 29/366: We’re All Stars Now in the Cat Show

Now that the first month of this challenge is almost complete, I have to say, I like how it’s nudging me to do things and to go places I likely wouldn’t end up otherwise.

Today, for example, I found myself at a local cat show.  The newspaper indicated that it was a Halloween-themed show and that some of the cats (as well as some of the owners) would be wearing costumes.  Immediately I thought of this image, which I remember seeing on the walls of the Atco movie theater when I was a teenager, and I decided:  I’m in.

Source: Unknown

But aside from one adult chicken and one nun, most folks and felines simply wore their everyday attire.  It was still plenty for the eyes to feast on.  As contestants were carted from cage to judging ring and back to cage again, the air was filled with a combination of nervous tension, friendly conversation, lots of mewing, occasional hissing, and um, the overpowering scent of kitty litter.

I mostly just tried not to get in the way, but I did approach some of the owners, and they very kindly allowed me to photograph their furry babies.

An hour or so in the cat show world proved quite entertaining.   But even more so, for me, this was good practice in getting out and approaching.  And you might say it was the, ahem, cat-alyst in helping me choose my next class:  Street Photography.


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