Day 28/366: Shadows & Lines

Taken in Mt. Holly during today’s Fire and Ice Festival (uh, away from the fire and the ice).

Canon 60D – 85mm – ISO 200 – f/16 – 1/160 – AWB

My main purpose for going was really to catch the ice carvings, but I found that getting good images wasn’t as easy among such a heavy crowd.  You would think a monster 70-200mm lens would be pretty hard to miss, but I can’t tell you how many festival-goers stepped of my shot.  I chalked it up to an exercise in patience, and know for next time that it’d be good to get to these things early and to give myself plenty of time.  Still, I loved watching the artists do their stuff.



2 thoughts on “Day 28/366: Shadows & Lines

  1. Thats funny because I have a shot of the back of your head …. must of stepped in front of my 70-200… they are easy to miss.. 🙂
    Oh…nice shots of the festival.

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