Project 52: Weeks 45-48

Doing my best to keep up in this time-crunched school year means Project 52 remains on a backburner.  Here are my catchup efforts: As someone who appreciates imperfections, the Week 45 lyrics didn’t speak to me much. But Simon & Garfunkel in Week 46?  Yes! Munchkin’s treat-filled Advent calendar inspired her curiosity to the point where her mother had to warn her it would be taken down if she snooped.  It reminded me of one of my first memories.  At age four on my first visit toRead more

Project 52, Interrupted

So sorry, my poor, little blog. I’ve been neglecting you.  Weeks 39-44 have been one big, exhausting blur at work. So, this is my catchup effort in which I had some fun with my new iPhone 6 and took fairly generous liberty with the assigned song lyrics.Read more

37/52: Delaware Avenue

This week’s lyrics: “We’re gonna rock down to Electric Avenue” From Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” This is not quite what I had in mind for this week, but I was walloped pretty hard by the first bug of the school year, so…it’s something. Maybe not quite electric, but I’d say it was a lovely view when we rocked down to Delaware Avenue in Camden for a Riversharks game in support of my former student Danny, who is currently undergoing chemo.Read more

35/52: Sussex Sunflower Maze

This week’s assigned lyrics: “She blinded with me science.”  (Agricultural science.) -From Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” The Sussex Sunflower Maze in Augusta, NJ is a place where Mother Nature surely dazzles with her beauty. With more than a million sunflowers blooming over 50 acres, it is the largest sunflower maze on the East Coast. The maze opens in August and usually runs through September, its duration weather-dependent. It was pleasantly uncrowded on an early Friday morning, with maybe half a dozen people (all of whom were photographers) roaming itsRead more

34/52: I Was Afraid of the Dark (and I Still Am)

This week’s assigned lyrics: “I was afraid of the dark, but now it’s all that I want.” From Maroon 5’s “Daylight” No, Maroon 5.  No. This was my second visit to the former Pennhurst State School and Hospital, a state facility that opened in Pennsylvania in 1908 as an institution for the developmentally, intellectually, and physically disabled. It was a place where the “feeble-minded” were to be kept away from society, for as one of Pennhurst’s doctors reported to the State LegislatureRead more

32/52: This Photograph Makes Me Laugh

This week’s assigned lyrics: “Look at this photograph. Every time I do, it makes me laugh.” From Nickelback’s “Photograph” Leave a Halloween wig lying around and it’s liable to get into the wrong hands, as shown in this old Polaroid, taken sometime in the early 90s. Here we have a man ahead of the times: doing duckface before it became cool.Read more

30/52: Monster

  Assigned lyrics:  “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed, get along with the voices inside of my head.” From Eminem’s “The Monster” featuring Rihanna Our munchkin’s off to kindergarten this fall, which may explain why she is so enamored with this new picture book. :)  Can’t wait to share it with my students as a first-day read-aloud.Read more

29/52: For Katie

This week’s lyrics: “They give us those nice, bright colors; they give us the greens of summer.” From Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” This week’s post is in honor of one of my former students who passed on Saturday, July 19 at the age of 19, surrounded by her loving family, after living courageously with brain cancer for the past 18 months. Though it has been five years since she sat in my 8th grade classroom, I remember vividly how bright and lively she was—like a sunny,Read more

28/52: Giant Number Photo Collage {DIY Project}

This week’s assigned lyrics:  “Your love is like an ocean that always takes me home.” From Serena Ryder’s “What I Wouldn’t Do” Initially, I had another idea in mind for this song, but when I finished Munchkin’s 5th birthday collage this week (finally!), it seemed like an appropriate fit, too. Because really, is there anything I wouldn’t do for this kid? :) It was truly a labor of love and a learning experience, too, since I’ve never attempted paper mâché or photo decoupage before. Here’s howRead more

27/52: Let Your Colors Burst

This week’s lyrics: “Baby, you’re a firework. Come on, let your colors burst.” From Katy Perry’s “Firework” World Cup fever has been in full effect for the last month, so it seemed appropriate to show “my colors” here for this week’s theme.  Although the US was unfortunately knocked out in the Round of 16, I’m thrilled to see Die Mannschaft advance to the final this Sunday. Go, Deutschland!  Let’s repeat 1990 and rack up a fourth star!Read more

26/52: Don’t Want to Close My Eyes

This week’s assigned lyrics: “I don’t want to close my eyes, don’t want to fall asleep.” From Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” After a sweltering morning at the zoo, we were all pooped out. Well, everyone except the Munchkin. We attempted a nap, but there was so much thrashing and re-arranging of pillows and stuffed animals, sleep just wasn’t happening. So, we gave up and played some board games, including Princess and the Pea. After the game ended, the princess busied herself building forts andRead more

25/52: Let There Be Light!

Week 25’s assigned lyrics: “Bright lights and the bigger city” From CeeLo Green’s “Bright Lights Bigger City” I only passed through the city during the daytime this week while on my way to a photography workshop at Pennhurst State School and Hospital, a former institution for the mentally and physically disabled which closed its doors in 1987 after decades of overcrowding and widespread patient neglect and abuse.  With its sad and dark history and buildings in a state of decay, there is aRead more

23/52: Magic

Week 23’s assigned lyrics:  “I’ve got the magic in me” from B.o.B’s “Magic” This week in school, we celebrated The Fault in Our Stars movie premiere with a themed party at lunch.  Seeing kids so moved by a book and film is pure magic!  (Cupcakes, too.) :DRead more

22/52: Heaven

    Week 22’s assigned lyrics:  Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” My immediate thoughts were of my favorite munchkin, but I didn’t have the opportunity to see  her that week, so I sorta went with another part of the song that says, “I know this must be heaven.”  Blue skies, wispy clouds, and warm sun. Yep. Works for me. :)  Then I had a little fun processing the same image with the Brushstroke app.Read more

21/52: Young and Sweet

This P52 thing. It kinda got away from me.  You could say it was a combination of being busy and sometimes not loving the assigned lyrics so much. So, here’s an attempt to catch up. Some of it may be a wee bit of a stretch. Week 21’s lyrics were from Abba’s “Dancing Queen”:  “You are the dancing queen, young and sweet.”  No dancing here, but I think this fountain at Chanticleer does count as “young and sweet.” Personally, I wishRead more

18/52: Wanderlust

This week’s assigned lyrics: “What do you see when you turn out the light?” From The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” Lately, when it’s “lights out” for me, I’ve been having vivid dreams of faraway places. Not too different from waking hours, actually. :)Read more