Portraits of Me—Week 7


Theme:  My Love

My interpretation of this week’s theme is inspired by comedian Bill Maher, whose recent closing monologue on his show Real Time With Bill Maher (February 11, 2017)  implored Americans to “fall in love with knowledge again.”  Maher said that when he went off to college, he fell in love with “books and ideas and knowledge,” lamenting that now we seem not to want to be surrounded by smart people anymore. He spoke of a time when people got their news from newspapers rather than Facebook.

As a lifelong reader and writer, someone who used to pedal my bike through the neighborhood delivering newspapers, someone whose childhood dreams almost led me down a path toward journalism, I say: here is to reading. To print news and a free press. To facts. And good coffee that makes today’s headlines just a bit easier to swallow.

Portraits of Me—Week 4

Assigned theme:  personal style


For almost a year now, I’ve had an undercut, which might be described as: business up top; party underneath. I get a new design (sometimes with color, sometimes without) about every four weeks, and most of the time, I let my stylist come up with the design. It’s a little bit of fun and a whole lot less hair to deal with.



Portraits of Me—Week 3

Assigned theme: my view 

This past summer, I fell in love with the Canadian Rockies and had this image (from Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park) made into a large canvas. Every time I see it, I am transported back to this place of indescribable beauty and peace. 

Portraits of Me—Week 1

In 2016, I wasn’t very good about blogging. I started a Project 52 (Dogwood Challenge) with good intentions but only made it up to week 14. And I still haven’t gotten around to sharing the photos from my most recent trip to the Christmas markets in Germany. We’re talking 2015…yikes!

(In my defense, I did take a class on filmmaking last spring and have been busy dabbling and having fun with that ever since.)

Still, I’m going to try again this year to stretch my still photography skills and creativity, this time through the #PortraitsofMe weekly self-portrait challenge started by Click It Up a Notch’s Courtney Slazinik and Megan Cieloha (Instagram: @clickitupanotch and @megancieloha).

I’m really not crazy about being on the other side of the camera, and I find it technically quite challenging, too. But I tend to be the one missing from family photos and videos, and I think I should make an effort to change that.

So, here it is:  Week One. Assigned theme:  goal  (get in the picture!)portraitofmew1-9915

2 & 3/100 Strangers

While waiting for my aunt to complete her last chemo infusion last week, I looked up from my reading to observe a pair of clowns making their way through the lobby, spreading smiles, sharing stickers, and taking selfies with patients and caregivers.

I watched quietly, remembering how much my mother appreciated the silly jokes and magic tricks that her oncologist liked to perform. I watched how they did more than generate laughs; they sat down with patients and listened, took an interest in each individual.

When “Dr. Hugga Bubbe” approached me,  I learned that she and Tim are volunteers with Bumper “T” Caring Clowns, an organization that provides therapeutic clowning for hospitalized patients mostly locally here in Pennsylvania and New Jersey but also in Maryland, South Carolina, California, and Washington.


Dr. Hugga Bubbe and Tim
It’s a non-profit that has been in operation for 15 years, and I guess the fact that I’d never heard of them before now says something about how lucky I’ve been. They certainly deserve more recognition for the meaningful work that they do.

Heartfelt thanks to the Bumper “T” Clowns for the support and inspiration!

“The world seems dark and ugly sometimes. But there are still good things in it. And good people.” – Jim Butcher