Weeks 8-14/52


A bit behind in this project. Here is my attempt to catch up (mostly):


Week 8/52: (Landscape) Panorama. Courtesy of my iPhone.


Week 9/52: (Artistic) Shadows. Bought this set of matryoshka dolls in Prague last spring following a visit to the Museum of Communism.


Week 10/52: (Portrait) Environmental. Dad working in his garden. The man never stops.

Week 11/52: (Landscape)  Reflection.  Welp, no. Just empty space. I didn’t like the outcome of my attempts for this week’s assignment, so we’ll just keep moving right along, shall we?


Week 12/52: (Artistic) Transportation. Not really going anywhere here, which is fitting because Munchkin’s not that into riding her bike. Wonder if this spring/summer, we’ll be able to take off those training wheels.

Week 13/52: (Portrait) High Key. Haven’t had a chance to attempt this one yet. Need to do a little more learning. So, another skip.



Week 14/52: (Landscape) Zoomed in. Gotta love that early morning light.

7/52: Faceless Portrait


For the faceless portrait assignment, I decided to photograph my colleague and friend Christy with her blinged-out cart. Since Christy co-teaches in different classrooms throughout the day, she needs the cart to carry all her teaching materials as well as supplies and fun stuff she shares with the students. This cart tells you a lot about its owner. She is full of joy and positivity and is adored by students and colleagues alike. Love her style!